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I already bulk uploaded 1500 product images that were connected to image urls I found on the internet. I wonder if theres any thing to be done to rezize images that have been previously uploaded, and how to delete images the worpress is not using any more. Outside of image optimization, the two things that will significantly help you speed up your website is using a WordPress caching plugin and using a WordPress CDN.

Get instant access to all current imageryandhistorical aerials, accurately georeferenced to show you truth over time. Instantly stream aerial images to any connected device with MapBrowser , or integrate aerial imagery with leading GIS and CAD platforms like ArcGIS Pro. Your custom application can also access imagery via standard mapping protocol APIs.

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In the above example, the Component field of the second issue and the Fix Version field of the third issue will generate multiple values in the relevant field after importing. If you’re importing a large number of issues into Jira cloud applications, you can split the file into smaller chunks, and then import these CSV files individually. Sometimes users may not have Open Withas an option to select their default program for a file. In this case, you would want to follow the below steps. The CSV file should contain a column for every updatable field in the table except Virtual and Change columns.

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However, copy and pasting data can be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming if the dataset is very large. As we can see from the code above, we have modified the third line of code by adding the delimiter parameter and assigning a value of ‘/’ to it. This tells the method to treat all ‘/’ characters as the separating point between column data. The structure of the CSV file can be seen using a text editor, such as Notepad or Sublime Text.

It is possible to use a common CSV file for both Test Cases and Test Steps. Download CSV file template, fill it with your values and run the import. It is possible to bulk add Test Cases to Targetprocess using theImport from CSV filesfeature. Since detailed Test Steps were introduced in Targetprocess, the import action of Test Cases is now performed in a different way. Any of the fields that are part of Advanced Search Syntax article can be imported. The length of these items can only be 256 characters long. Importing other fields will work but we currently hide these fields in the app.

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One of these methods employs the same approach used by GIFs, with a single color defined as transparent, and the other is to set an alpha channel . One of the advantages of PNG single-color transparency is that it doesn’t remove a color from the available palette. However, the alpha channel is a much smoother method, as it is far better at blending colors, and allows you to select different levels of transparency in specific regions. The transparent areas of the PNG will blend and adjust naturally to whatever is behind the image when the background of the page isn’t a solid white or black color.